GODZone Adventure race, Canterbury, NZ – 6th (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

Heights of Winter Rogaine 12hrs – 3rd (with Tim Farrant)

Amuri Rogaine, 6 hrs –1st (with Tim Farrant)

World Rogaine Champs 2019, La Molina, Catalunya2nd Place (with Tim Farrant)

NZ Rogaine Champs 2019, Orangapai, NZ – 2nd Place (With Greig Hamilton)


Mt Somers Rogaine 6hrs – 1st (with Greig Hamilton)

GODZone Adventure race, Fiordland, NZ – 9th (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

Charwell Rogaine 6hrs – 2nd (with Tim Farrant and Nick Hann)

MOVISTAR Huairasinchi Adventure Race, Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador – 5th (Team Motueka)

Spring Rogaine – 1st (with Aaron Prince)

Southern Lakes Multisport Club 24Hr Race – 1st (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

NZ Rogaine Championships, Dunedin – 1st (with Tim Farrant)


Shoe Clinic 5km Series – 1st (out of 4 races)

Godzone Adventure race, Queenstown, NZ – 5th, Young Guns Trophy (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

Alpine Lodge Loop the Lake – 1st

Baise Outdoor Mountain Quest, China – 11th (St Martins New World)

Tai Mountain Quest, China – 7th (St Martins New World)

Weng’an Mountain Quest, China – 13th (St Martins New World)

Amuri 6hr Rogaine – 1st (with Aaron Prince and Matt Scott)

ARWC 2017, Wyoming, USA – 27th (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

South Canterbury Adventure Race, Bog Roy Station, NZ – 1st (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

NZ Club Relay Championships, Hawkes Bay, NZ – 1st (PAPO team with Katie Cory-Wright and Chris Forne)

Mission Mt Somers Half Marathon, NZ – 2nd

SLMC 24hr Adventure Race, NZ – 2nd (The Sneaky Weasel Gang)

Kepler Challenge – 12th (9th open men)


Coast to Coast, Longest Day – 10th (9th open men)

Absolute Wilderness Adventure Race – 1st ( with Team Swordfox)

New Zealand Orienteering Champs, Long Distance – 3rd

World Rogaine Champs – 5th (4th open men, with Tim Farrant)

Wily Weka Rogaine – 1st (with Nick Hann)

Mission Mt Somers Half Marathon – 1st

Zunyi Adventure Race China – 3rd (Team New World)


Mt Oxford Odyssey – 2nd

Routeburn Classic – 4th

Mt Isobel Challenge – 4th

GRAM Autumn Muster – 1st (with Nick Hann)

Heights of Winter – 3rd (with Nick Hann)

Kawera Rogaine – 1st (with Chris Forne)

Salmon Run – 1st Open Mens Multisport

Luxmore Grunt – 1st


NZ Orienteering Champs – 5th Sprint, 1st relay (PAPO)

NZ Mountain Running Champs – 6th

Speights Coast to Coast, Longest Day – 21st (Open Men)

Mt Oxford Odyssey – 1st, KOM

World Mountain Running Champs, Italy – 88th (4th NZer)


World Mountain running champs, Poland – 78th

World Games, Orienteering, Colombia

Orienteering World Champs, Finland

Orienteering World Cup, New Zealand, R1,2,3 – 41st, 46th, 32nd

NZ Orienteering Champs – 4th Sprint, 3rd Middle, 4th Long

Avalanche Peak – 1st (Open men) 2:28:13

NZ Mountain Running Champs – 4th

Alpine Lodge Loop the lake – 1st

TWALK 24hour Rogaine – 1st

Heights of Winter – 1st Mixed team, 4th overall


New Zealand Orienteering Super Series 2012 – 2nd

  • Round 1: Sprint the Bay – 9th
  • Round 2: New Zealand Champs – Sprint 3rd; Middle 6th; Long 5th; Relay 4th (PAPO)
  • Round 3: Canterbury races – Sprint 6th; Loops 4th; Long 1st
  • Round 4: Queens Birthday – Sprint 7th; Long 1st; Loops 3rd

Otago Orienteering Champs – Sprint 1st; Middle 2nd ;  Long 1st

Orienteering World Cup 2012, Round 4 & 5 – 85th

Orienteering World Champs 2012, Switzerland

Shoe Clinic 5km Series 2012 – 4th (Senior Men)

Avalanche Peak Challenge 1st (Open Men), 1st (King of the Mountain), 3rd fastest time on record 2:25:49

Hanmer Half Marathon1st (Open Men), 1:13:50

Bell Hill Challenge – 1st (Open Men)


New Zealand Orienteering Super Series – 5th

  • Round 1: Sprint the Bay – 7th
  • Round 2: South Island Champs – Postponed, due to the mag 6.3 Earthquake on the 22/2/2011
  • Round 3: New Zealand Champs – Sprint 8th; Middle 2nd; Long 7th; Relay 1st (PAPO)
  • Round 4: Queens Birthday – 11th

Otago Orienteering Champs –  Middle 2nd ;  Long 3rd

Wellington Orienteering Champs – Middle 2nd; Sprint 3rd; Long 1st

Auckland Orienteering Champs – Sprint 3rd; Middle 2nd; Long 1st

Canterbury and South Island Orienteering Champs – Middle 5th; Long 1st

World Orienteering Champs 2011, France – Sprint Qual A 20th; Middle Qual B 21th

New Zealand Cross Country Champs – 25th (Senior Men)

South Island Cross Country Champs – 3rd (Senior Men)

Canterbury Cross Country Champs – 3rd (Senior Men)

Shoe Clinic 5km Series 2011 – 3rd (Senior Men)

Avalanche Peak Challenge – 2nd (Open Men)


Avalanche Peak Challenge – 4th

World Orienteering Champs, Norway – Sprint Qual A 26th; Middle Qual A 25th

NZ Orienteering Champs – Long  4th; Middle 4th

South Island Orienteering Champs –  Long 1st; Sprint 1st

Canterbury Orienteering Champs – Long 1st; Sprint 1st; Middle 3rd

Otago Orienteering Champs – Long 1stMiddle 1st; Night Sprint 2nd


Junior World Orienteering Champs, Switzerland – Middle B Final 36th; Long 128th; Relay 15th


Mt Aspiring – Climbed age 14

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