5000m in the Canterbury Heat


So I thought it was about time to try out a 5000m race on the track to see if I could improve my PB for 5km.  The track seems fairly glamorous in terms of running, like the big time. I haven’t run on a track in years so I was keen to try it out to see if it was for me…or remind myself why I enjoy Orienteering!

Carsten was there too running hard and helped me calm me into a nice rhythm to start with. Then the wind picked up and the heat set in. I suffered a little and slowed a bit while Carsten charged off. I tired to zone out a little but with 4 laps to go I was in the hurt box. I pushed hard and suffered through coming in behind Carsten by about 300m just getting under the 17min mark. Really slow for a a 5km on the track especially as we were both about 35 seconds behind our times from the 5km in the park…no excuses really but I think the heat definitely slowed the pace…I ended the race with a seriously dry throat,  in desperate need of water, and breathing quite hard (HR maxed out at 198bpm just above my apparent theoretical max)

Well its all good training for Orienteering and hopefully I have learned some lessons from it…also got some business to attend to on the track now, got to rectify that time!

Categories: Running

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