McLeans Island Orienteering!

While the world has been put on hold in Christchurch so has Orienteering in…until today!  The first proper Orienteering I have done in over 6 weeks. McLean’s Island has been relatively unaffected by the earthquake and the forest was open for action today – unlike Woodend beach which has big cracks in the sand dunes!

It was really cool to get out into the forest running and navigating your guts out. I was having so much fun out there even though my orienteering was riddled with little mistakes. I had a pretty close race with Carsten, finishing about 45sec’s slower than him, to take second place. I should really have had 1st but through a lack of orienteering I just couldn’t completely hold it together today, which proves that although Catching Features is good, it still doesn’t completely convert to real orienteering!

Next week: Otago Champs, in Central Otago. Really looking forward to it!

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