From Switzerland to France

Immediately after the prize giving of Swiss O-Week it was off to the high mountains of Switzerland where we were to stay the night. After crossing over the Oberal pass at 2400 odd metres it was down into the village for a brief look around. It was a very cool little village in the mountains with highly decorated old buildings that make New Zealands glass paradise cities look boring…

Halfway up the next pass we caught up to Cris and Emily who were biking to meet us at the hotel.  It was fondue for dinner at the hotel an excellent treat before heading to France albeit a little bit rich…

The rain was pouring the next morning and poor old Cris had to bike his way to Interlaken to catch the train back to Freiburg for work the next morning. The trip through to Chamonix was very interesting and we had several stops to take pictures where there was a break in the clouds! Unfortunately we couldn’t see much through the clouds and Chamonix didn’t appear all that spectacular…a bit like Queenstown mixed with Fox Glacier I thought…

Then from Chamonix the next stop was Annecy where we are staying for a few days before the official WOC competition and training period begins.

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