WOC 2011 beckons…

Well if you asked before the World Champs last year whether I would be back this year I probably would have said no…But then after it was all over in two races I was hooked… I never really was targeting this year as one to be at but deep down inside I wasn’t going to let an opportunity slip by and I put my name down on the list for selection late last year…no regrets…

I had a rather lazy summer after the World Rogaine Champs and never really started any serious training until the second week of January. The earthquake was a bit of a set back in Feburary and I thought that maybe that was my chances gone…however Nationals this year I managed to have a really good run where everything clicked and everything went well. Subsequently I ended up here in France at the 2011 World Orienteering Champs.

The terrain here is very technical but I think I have the hang of it and now it just a matter of replicating my Middle distance race at Nationals this year. I’m excited and little bit nervous but I’m sure that now when the race comes around I will be ready and raring to race!

Tomorrow (Saturday) the long qualification race will be held. I am running in the Middle Qualification the next day (Sunday) It will just be spectating tomorrow for me. It shall be exciting and I cant wait for it to begin!

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