Back to Switzerland

It was a sad day leaving the hotel…not because I was particularly fond of Aix-les-bains or the heat, the headache or the Hotel…but because all the excitement was over for another year… The last three weeks of racing around France and Switzerland had come to an end and it was time to say goodbye to the team as we all went our separate ways to get back home.

I met up with Ryan and together with Ross and Hanna…and as it turned out Amber and Toby…we caught the lunch time train to Geneva. In Geneva, Ryan and I parted company with the others and headed to Interlarken.
We arrived late in the day and managed to walk about 1km to get on pretty much the opposite side of the river to the train station. It was still seriously hot about 35degC so after sorting out camping we took a swim in the lake. It was a cool trip to the lake and I think Ryan just enjoyed hanging out with me even though I was tired and feeling a bit worn out.

We decided it was best to biff the Paella with Chorizo and Fruits der mer out as at the time I bought it I didn’t realize that meant seafood and it also smelled pretty bad….

I made a bit of a mistake in telling Ryan the exact dates I was going to be leaving and he had booked a ticket to Rome for the 22nd when in fact I was actually flying out on the 23rd. So unfortunately he headed off early the next morning to get back to Zürich for his connection. I was also up early and instead of catching the train with Ryan I caught the one heading up the valley to the top of Europe.

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