Back to the Land of the Long White Cloud

Eventually and unfortunately it came time to travel home to New Zealand. I almost managed to get out of Switzerland without being told off…but being a New Zealander I had to bend the rules a little bit which the Swiss people absolutely do not do obviously. Twice at check in for leaving my stuff at the counter and for not going through the maze of tape when there was no one in the queue anyway…

I had a day in Singapore which I intend to spend having a look around but I was so tired and a bit jet lagged  that I decided to just go on the free tour and then head back to sleep on the couches somewhere in the massive terminal.

Short trip into Singapore

It seemed like a lifetime until it was time to leave but eventually I got there. I was still feeling a little sad about leaving europe until the plane crossed over the Snow covered Southern Alps. It sent a little bit of a shiver down my spine with the realisation that I was coming back to the place I call home. It’s easy to forget where you come from until you return and realise why you call it home.

Coming home across the Southern Alps

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