Down in Dunedin

Four days after last being at Christchurch Airport I was back again. It was about time for a quick trip down to visit everyone down there!

It was a bit of an action packed weekend. I headed out to one of the best maps in NZ for a bit of training with Ryan. We ran around most of the NZSSC course. It’s such a cool map and I never get sick of running there on a nice sunny day! It’s a pity that the trees are getting quite big and the runability is improving because we saw some evidence of Measurement plots and that probably means they are thinking about harvesting it soon…

Anyway Ryan proved that running on the road was faster on the route choice leg…he had to wait a couple of seconds at the control for me…

The wind picked up overnight and it was raining pretty solidly in the morning so Sailing and Waterskiing would have to wait until after lunch. I had a good sail in a Sunburst with Joel and then jumped ship for a Waterski. It was a bit rough for Skiing and I got one ski caught in the wake, then a second later it was gone, I was off-balance and it was all over. I hit the water with a full on face plant! Sore hands! and a free sinus clean… I had time for just another quick sail then it was time to head to the airport and back to Christchurch that evening.

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