Canterbury and SI Champs 2011


This event was supposed to be held way back in April…but like just about everything else this year there was this little earthquake that spoiled the party. Anyway eventually someone decided that the show must go on and the Canterbury and SI Champs were locked in….

The middle distance race was held out in the sand dunes at Kairaki Beach. Chris Forne was back to claim his spot back as the top orienteer in Christchurch. He was a little bit worried all his time in Norway had made his sand dune orienteering quite poor, so he was talking himself down. Unfortunately for me I thought I had it in the bag… it didn’t take me that long to let my ego destroy my chances and I had an absolutely horrible run…the worst by far since I have come back from Europe. Chris took first place and I trundled into 5th place 8mins behind him. I was so disappointed with my run I almost immediately went out and ran the same course again. I got back on the horse very quickly and even after running much slower I still was almost 11min quicker than when I ran around like a headless chicken….

Day two was up at Acheron, in the high country. I had a point to prove and I think I had begun to realise what I needed to do in order to have a good run…. as they say you learn more from failing than you do from being successful. So I went out there with the right attitude and I nailed it. I made in total maybe 2mins of mistakes and still managed to head Chris off by 5mins.

This was probably my most satisfying win of the year. I have picked up the long distance titles at Wellington, Auckland and Canterbury/SI champs this year. I set out this year with the intention of working on my orienteering and investing the time into making me a good navigator with a level head and it seems to be working so far. Every step of the way I seem to be hitting my targets so I’m feeling like I’m in a good place at the moment. This will be a good springboard for my assault on NZ orienteering next year where I will put my name firmly on the NZ Orienteering map!

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