Early morning crossing


It’s Friday Night, about 9:30pm. I get a phone call from Tim…. “you want to run over Goat Pass tomorrow morning?”

It didn’t take much convincing, so much for my Saturday morning sleep in…. 5am was a fairly early start, but to get over to the West coast it was required.

It is about three weeks before the Coast to Coast the car park in the Deception was packed. At the foot bridge we met up with a couple of people from the West Coast, one is to be Tim’s team-mate in the Godzone race later in the year. It was pretty much perfect conditions and hence there was plenty of people along the way, just about all were running but a few trampers. Along the way there was little stopping, and some discussion about route choices, which had me and Tim excited (being orienteers). We made good time up the Deception to the Goat Pass hut reaching it in just over two hours. Once over the pass it was time for some sweet downhill running through the patchy forest, a nice change from the boulders of the Deception. Once out onto the flats I was able to open the throttle a bit and I enjoyed skipping across the bouldery river flats, getting in some good practise for Avalanche peak. We continued all the way to Klondyke corner, were some waiting was required for our pick up. Mission complete in 3:43 so not too bad for just an easy training run!

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