Cross Country relay win for Sumner!

The Lionel Fox Memorial relays were held out at Woodend last Saturday. I was running first leg for the Sumner Senior Mens team. Right from the gun I went out hard trying to get up the hill as fast as possible. Went a little bit too hard and a guy from New Brighton, stole the lead away from me once we got back out into some open flatter land. He managed to put some extra distance on me as we went around the circuit a final time. I was pushed hard by Ben Musson to the finish but managed to just have enough gas left in the tank to get home to take second fastest time….1 second back to 3rd!

Hugh, our second leg runner quickly passed the New Brighton runner, but kept us in second as University passed him to take the lead. Ryan kept us a close second place on third leg, leaving it to Dallas to bring it home for us. He quickly passed the Uni guy in the lead. Passing through the event centre he was missed by the commentator and again when he hit the home straight in the lead to take the win his moment of glory was missed by the commentator… “University coming into the the finish for the win…and…Sumner have just finished the senior mens race”

Pretty good to have a win, especially over University which doesn’t happen very often! Carsten hooned around to complete a the double with the Masters Mens team taking 3rd overall and 1st in their grade. Being out at Woodend some orienteering training was an opportunity not to be missed and Carsten did a warm down while setting out a little course for us all to do!

Race report

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