Arrival in Switzerland

I have made it to Switzerland after about 35hours, a couple of buses a few trains and 4 flights.  Reality sort of struck home that I was no longer in NZ when I saw two cops wandering the airport in Zurich carrying sub machine guns…anyway after arriving off the plane I was straight onto a train and off to St Gallen where we are preparing for the World Cup races this up coming weekend.

Its definitely Summer here and quite hot…. Yesterday we were lucky enough to be lent the Swiss Orienteering team van to take out to the official training map yesterday afternoon which was a little way out of town! definitely better than catching a train and walking 2kms! The map was quite steep as your would expect but after a bit of fluffing around to begin with I soon got the hang of things. Hopefully I will have recovered enough from the shock of travel and time/season differences tomorrow to live up to my potenital. Anyway I guess we will find out!

This afternoon we will head out for a bit of a training run, maybe to the sprint training map if we can scab a ride again…but we will see! We will find out tonight when our starts will be tomorrow, but you can probably find out from the internet anyway at this website:

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