Some training in Lausanne

After the World Cup last weekend Ross and I headed across Switzerland to Lausanne, dropping off James and picking Greta up in Zurich on the way.  It was absolutely pissing with rain, but still really warm on the way down!

Lake Geneva from the training areas near La Cergue

Once down there we got out onto some maps straight away and into some cool terrain. Amber and Kate (minus her bags…)  joined us the following two days for some long training then a day of sprint and middle training, interspersed with shopping every five minutes…

Some of the terrain in the training areas

Yesterday the girls took off to Spain for the World University Champs while Ross and I got some more training in (potentially wandering  into France?) before heading back across Switzerland in baking heat through bumper to bumper traffic to Davos.

On the road to Davos

We got some valuable time on maps in and now have a bit of  time to rest up, relax, reflect on the maps and train a bit in the mountains before heading back to Lausanne next week for more training before WOC.

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