Build up to 2013 Nationals

Since Avalanche Peak everything has been pretty quiet. I have basically been figuring out what to do next… I’m sick of watching the Coast to Coast and then was sick of watching Godzone this year too so I figured the only thing holding me back at the moment is the Kayaking. The last month and a bit I have been out there at least twice a week practicing and learning to kayak properly.

On the Orienteering front, I haven’t found much motivation as of yet. I should be excited with Nationals at home this year but I’m definitely lacking some motivation, maybe due to spending the summer focused on Orienteering. Anyway it could always be a positive thing too as last year I think I got all a bit wound up by all the orienteering. So without having thought much of it the plan is to go out there, focus on the navigation and I seem to be in a relaxed enough state that I can handle just going with the flow and ending up in a place that I got there by having a good run rather than feeling cheated as I should have done much better. We will see how it all goes!

Categories: Orienteering

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