Pre-race: World Mountain Running Champs

The team arrived in Kracow Wednesday evening, then after a quick look around and a good nights sleep we were off on the bus to Krynica-Zdroj in lesser Poland near the Slovakian boarder. Its been quite interesting for me as coming from a background of previous World Championships in Orienteering there is similarities and differences but the feeling is just the same when you arrive in camp at the event things start to get serious. The atmosphere amps up with excitement, nervousness and anticipation, and all the hard work is behind you, time to start winding down and making sure you don’t spend too much time on your feet.

But tomorrow is the day, the waiting is over and at 12:30pm tomorrow I will start among the approximately 120 senior men in the field. Some of us went for a last look at the top of the course today, the start area and the finish. Going up on the Gondola to have one last look at the course this morning I could feel some nervous anticipation lurking so hopefully that’s a good sign and I think I am ready to go! I don’t really have any idea what to expect so I will go in with my eyes wide open and hope that I can finish in the top half of the field!
Sorry but there is not live feed unless you can figure out Polish and then you might be able to stream it as its supposed to be live on TV here. Otherwise the results and news can be found here or here
PS Go ETNZ!!!!!

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