WOC 2011!

I had no firm expectations this year when I turned up to the trials for WOC this year.  I had put my name down on the list to trial for WOC, but hadn’t really set my sights firmly on WOC 2011 as a solid goal. In some ways this might have helped my racing at Nationals which were also the trials, as I was able to put all pressure aside and focus on the one task of running good races. This worked quite well and I cemented my position firmly in the team running the Middle Distance race. I was a little disappointed not to also get selected for the long, but when it did come down to pressure time I didn’t cope well at Nationals and obviously just threw that chance out the window.

However… Now I can set my sights on some new goals, focusing on just one race will hopefully put me in good stead for a good run. Now I just have to make sure the preparation will have me setup for excellence! it’s going to be exciting! me vs the Middle Distance King in his home terrain! Savoie Grand Revard here I come!


Categories: Orienteering

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