TWALK 2011

Initially I thought I would give this race a miss this year but TWALK is too good an event to miss. The idea is to turn up in costume, jump on a bus, arrive a mystery location then run around the hills for 24hours. One key difference from a rogaine is that there is 5 legs in total and you visit a “Hash House” between legs, for some hot food and the possibility to drop and pick up team members. One person in the team must go on all legs so big teams work quite well!

Underway! the start of TWALK 2011

This year I teamed up with Greig Hamilton, Georgia Whitla, Steve Fortune, and Lee Burberry called the Highlanders, so that meant dressing like Highlanders of course, so out came the kilts! Our main rivals we quickly established were the Barbies and The Southern Ladies. Later in the race it became a neck and neck race with the Southern Ladies with the Barbies falling behind us by a few points.

I went the whole night long in the very pleasant warm weather. The weather meant that we got some very nice views of the planets all lining up in the dawn sky. The rain rolled in at 7am, just as the sun came up absolutely soaking us.

The Hash House in the early hours of the day

surprisingly for us we came in from leg 4 with 2.5hours to go and one control ahead of the Southern Ladies. So it became an all out battle on last leg, only for us to be pipped at the post by one point…

So unfortunately it wasnt the result we hoped for but it was a fun race and a fun weekend. After an exciting bus ride out on some farm roads we hit the tar-seal and I was out like a light!

The Highlanders all ready to race

Race Report

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  1. Found you. That wasn’t very hard at all.

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