Post WOC 2011 Analysis – Part 1, Preparation

Overall I felt that my Preparation this year was good. I did not over-do either the Orienteering or the Physical training this year. Lessons learned from last year!


I probably did not get in the ideal amount of orienteering training before heading to Europe…the earthquake as well as other factors hindered this. No access to a car definitely hindered my ability to get out there and train a little bit. It’s just that little bit easier to get out the door and do the training with a car. Work also got a bit busy and cut into my personal time and making training both by looking at maps and by getting out to do training difficult. However in some circumstances I really shouldn’t have watched so much TV in the evenings and spent my time doing more useful things like looking at maps! But In saying that, looking at maps without any idea of the terrain has never got me too excited.

Physically I was in good shape when I left NZ and I don’t think I could have put myself in a better position.

Knowing what I know now I would have organised some more technical training that would have been more relevant to the French Maps I had seen. But the only way to really get the hang of the French maps was to run there! I found that the maps in France forced you to use a very set orienteering procedure and it was not possible to run like you do in NZ-a bit recklessly and play it by air every now and then. You can’t get away with that in France…or maybe you can’t get away with that at the World Champs!

In Europe

I felt that maybe I should have come to Europe maybe a week earlier to get a better handle on Europe and switch the brain into orienteering mode. I didn’t overdo the physical training/racing this year and didn’t overdo the navigation training either, think I reached a good balance. I have no regrets about entering the short grade at Swiss O-Week. However as it was not elite I guess I didn’t approach it as such and took a rather low-key approach to these races…which may have hindered my race practise. Also felt like I lacked a bit of navigation practise as it was always less than 1hr of orienteering each day.

Pre-WOC training in France

Good overall, found it very beneficial. Frustratingly I picked up a reasonably bad cold at the end of Swiss O-Week. It never really went away until the day before the sprint qualification. Most of my training was done with a less than clear head and a lot of flem/mucus removal. By the end of the week I was possibly feeling a little stressed and maybe it could have been better to just sat and mucked around a bit more rather than being always on my feet doing stuff.

Short overview of the training days

Training Day 1 – Wake up call, let myself get bullied by the terrain. Still feeling crap from the Swiss O-Week Cold.

Training Day 2 – Sprint race was really cool and got my mind into gear making Sprint racing decisions, fast and under pressure. Control picking/race with Chris. Very good session, gained confidence in myself and my ability in the terrain after yesterday’s debacle. Race where I beat Chris also help prove to myself I could run well in this terrain. Would have been nice to do this race on my last training day as I was really into race mode during that race.

Training Day 3 – Control procedure with Jamie. Really good session, Jamie was good to have follow and just make sure the processes were being employed. Over did the model map “race” with Chris. Good for the first few controls but again got bullied by the terrain and made some big mistakes and lost the will to complete the loop. In hind sight maybe should have left that race until the Next day. It was good to have a bit of a run to get back to the car-park too, just a good opportunity to run!

Training Day 4 – revisit of the model to ensure I was and could run well there. I did and got my confidence back, felt like I could have run longer there, but didn’t want to over-do things Physically.

Training Day 5 –  Few more controls using the same control process in a different area, pretty much didn’t get much out of that session at all. Copied Amber and did a little 4 control course fast, to get the brain back into race mode, possibly was too shorter course to switch the brain back into training mode.

Rest day (day before the Middle Qual) –Spent a lot of the day on my feet at the long qual, don’t think it affected my preparation for the next day….but being out in the sun probably wasn’t the best idea ever.

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