On the bike to Akaroa


Someone thought it would be a good idea to ride out to Akaroa and back….I was silly enough to be convinced that this was a good idea and I tagged along to join in the suffering.

It was a very pleasent early morning ride with a  bit of a tail wind all the way until about 10km from little river. Once there the nice friendly tail wind turned into a nasty head wind. We made good time to the top of hill top where we met the other more sensible lot who turned up for the nice little cruise to Akaroa around the tops. Up on the tops was a horrendous cross wind that blew me right across the road twice. At this point the wind was so strong that I had to pick my bike up and walk! Even walking in this much wind was quite difficult!

Eventually once out of the wind on the top we dodged gravel all over the road to arrive in Akaroa in time for Lunch. Some extreme refuelling was in order and we were soon back on the bikes clocking up my Hundredth km just out of the township.

It was a tough ride back around the bays and up to Hilltop and a very nice ride down the sweeping bends into Little River. A restock of water and we were back on the road with a tail wind for the first 10km. Then after rounding the bend it was time for some more extreme headwinds. At this point I became quite frustrated and the offer of a ride from here was just too good a chance to turn down. So I left the Greig to suffer/enjoy the rest of the ride by himself! 140km… but still it left me a little un-statisfied that I hadnt completed the entire trip…something to aim for next time I guess…

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