Lake Lyndon Rogaine


So I’d just got the last big prickle out of my leg the Thursday night beforehand and I was all set to team up with Joe for some more prickles and a repeat of our Coopers Creek efforts. Then Friday morning Joe decided he couldn’t make it so I quickly teamed up with Andy J and Eugene Campbell.

After a bit of a wait at the start for Andy to stop flaffing about I was quickly shoulder deep in thick almost impenetrable prickles of all kinds. I think we made a good team with Andy holding me back which protected Eugene a bit so I didn’t destroy the whole team by running too fast. It was quite nice terrain too so I found it hard to hold back!

Eventually we thought we were home and hosed quite easily but as it turns out we were not…It was a hard run back to the finish, getting in 1 second over three minutes late…Partially this was my failure also as I should have stuck with poor Eugene rather than getting all excited and running as fast as I could to the finish! Something to think about next time….

Surprisingly we managed to slip into third place! and had we not been docked any points by being late we would have come 2nd. However it was still worth it even after the penalty points to grab that last 80 pointer!

Categories: Orienteering

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