Christchurch City 2 Surf 2012


Got up early on Sunday morning to do this fun run. Wasn’t going to take it too seriously…until I squeezed my way up to the front. When the gun went off, the race was on and I slipped into 3rd spot fairly early on. I slowed down a bit and managed to settle into a rhythm, but this allowed Carsten a bit of a sniff, and he came through me. I put up a little fight which pulled me ahead of the current 2nd place briefly and then Carsten took over. I tried to stay with him but he was too fast. Not long after however he had to pull out as his calf was making noises.

This left me sitting in Second place. I worked hard to maintain my place. It was cool coming through the start of the 6km with all the crowd cheering you on, which helped me put a bit of distance on 3rd. From there it was just a matter of maintaining the rhythm and cruising to the finish line. I finished in 2nd place, with a time of 46:58 and about 1min behind first place. Not too bad for 14.2km, fairly similar effort to my 5km and  10km PBs

Categories: Running

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