Road Racing and Orienteering

Another busy weekend of training under my belt…..

Saturday Morning:

5km road race – Since my car is currently unavailable for use I was back to getting around on my bike…it was a pretty grey day out there and the ride across the east side of Christchurch was pretty chilly and into a head wind. It was good to get the race underway as it gave me a chance to warm up properly. I felt like I ran a fairly solid race and for the first time pretty much ever I managed to negative split the whole thing. It worked well for me and I was able to put the hammer down halfway through and race hard right to the finish in 3rd place a new PB time of 15:25. So pretty satisfying all around and felt pretty comfortable right through the race and didn’t feel so bad afterwards either for a change.

Saturday Afternoon:

Tim and I headed out to Leithfield to race around last Sunday’s training and collect in the streamers. Tim went first and I caught him fairly quickly, but having to collect the controls slowed me down a bit and he was able to get away from me at repetitive controls. We took a few different route choices in a few places and even managed to find a control that was left out from a previous event years ago!

Sunday Morning:

Club Orienteeirng event at Waikari – The weather was a complete mixture this morning! One minute it was sunny and warm and the next it was pouring with rain! I hung around at the start for quite some time and managed to just avoid starting in the rain. I did however continue to race in a thermal top (heat training for Switzerland). I was fairly consistent, slowing down at key moments and made very minimal mistakes. However I ran a little bit slow-ish and never really attacked the course like Chris. I managed a consistent second but I was a little disappointed that Chris was as far in front of me as he was.

Sunday Afternoon:

We got back from the orienteering mid afternoon and by now the sun was out and it was t-shirt weather outside…The plan to go running fell through so not wanting to waste the weather I got out on my road bike. It was a really nice ride for a change no waiting for anyone, no traffic lights and a bit of climb just to make it interesting but not enough to make it painful!

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