QBday 2012

Although the weekend began with a sprint race my weekend itself started off a bit slow. I managed to get myself into a good frame of mind before the sprint but I failed to run with any aggression early on in the race. I think due to being in the forest I failed to switch the mind from Middle distance mode to Sprint mode. I made one slight error in route choice which also cost me a bit of time, but I never really started to hit my straps until the last few controls. I slotted into 3rd when I arrived but knew I would slip back in the rankings as the others came through. I finished up in 7th place about 45 seconds behind 1st…not totally happy, but consistent, and conscious of the fact sprint it not my primary focus at the moment.

It was good to have a relatively relaxed evening, except for the disentanglement puzzle that caused some frustration….

Day 2 was the long distance, which I decided was going to be my day. I had a quick warm up jog with Tom, clocking in sub 4min/k’s to the start. Once I left the start box, I slipped into a calm state of control and ran the race away, attacking on the long leg to pull some time in, then keeping the focus sharp right to the end. This seemed to work well and as a result I managed to sneak 2 seconds ahead of Chris to take the win. Pretty happy with that one, and a first international win for me!

The grand final of the Silva Super Series was next to come in the form of a loops race. I apparently although unknown to me at the time had to win the race to win the Silva  Super Series. I gave it my best and ran hard, throwing everything at it to get a win, but unfortunately for me Tom and Chris were too strong and finished a couple of seconds ahead of me.

I had to settle for second place in the 2012 Silva Super Series, however I was still really happy with the weekend, and will head off to Switzerland next week (19th of June) full of confidence….so its just a matter of replicating the weekends racing and sitting back to let the results speak for themselves…hopefully!

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