XC Ski-O

No sooner was I back in the country I was off down to Wanaka to take part in the Ski-O, hoping that I could stave off the jet-lag by combating it with exercise. It seemed to work…. well I think it did. It was pretty cold for me (having come from upwards of 25degC two days earlier) but not really cold enough for the Snow unfortunately. There was only just enough snow for skiing.

The Snow farm at sunset

It didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of skate skiing and after a couple of hours under my belt it was time to start the Ski Orienteering. Unfortunately the course had quite a bit of open ground with no snow cover…. so it was off with the Ski’s and off on foot. It was a little bit frustrating and the jet lag was getting to me a bit while I was out there, so I didn’t come back all that happy… Anyway some food down a group of us headed off to Bob Lee hut for the night on skis. It was good fun heading out but hard work coming back in the morning! A bit of rest and then it was time for more orienteering, a 90min score event. I decided I didn’t really want to go out to where most of the points were as I had just come from that direction that morning coming back from the hut, so I headed out to where I could find some snow. I skied as much as i could just to give myself a bit of an extra challenge which resulted in not a lot of points but I had a heap more fun than the day before! Afterwards there was just enough time for one more short ski before heading home.

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