Back into it

After a couple of weeks off recovering from a cold and catching up some lost sleep from all the Olympics my last weekend “off” was anything but laid back…. On the Saturday I ran the Canterbury Road Race champs and then followed this up with a 4 hour rogaine on the Sunday!

The Road race champs was a typical fast and flat 10km race which I was totally unprepared for and just kind of winged it. It didn’t work out all that well and I miss counted the laps going a little bit harder than I should have with 3 or 6 laps to go and had to back off a little when it came to the second last lap. This saw me slip behind Carsten and then into 5th overall when Dave saw me falter a bit and took the opportunity. I finished in 32:48 about 25sec of my PB so I wasn’t too disappointed with that at this point of my training…a little gutted that i was beaten by Carsten though!

So after the road race champs the suffering took another shape, I teamed up with Carsten, who unfortunately off the back of his victory over me in the road race champs wasn’t feeling all that bad. I suffered a bit in the terrain, and spent a large amount of the race following Carsten, and assuming the “lead out” position from the controls. Some less than ideally placed controls got me a bit grumpy then Carsten tricked me that Chris and Matt were just behind me, spurring me into action while Carsten began to fade. We weren’t fast enough for Chris and Matt and finished a little bit late and that cost us 2nd place, putting us into 3rd behind Greig, Sia and Aaron.

So a tough weekend before the real training started on the following Monday (thankfully with a rest day first up!) Now I am one week in and after getting the gears moving again its all starting to feel good again!

Categories: Orienteering, Running

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