Canterbury Champs 2012

Not such a flash last weekend… Day 1 was a sprint in Ashburton Gardens, not an official race, but none the less a good opportunity to get some sprinting in before trials.  I had a good run, was clinical with my execution and pretty much smashed it.

Day 2 in Tekapo was a pretty big disaster for me. I made an error on the 2nd control and never got back into a good headspace. This cost me so much time in the end that I gave up pushing at all and basically wandered around cursing myself. I made sure I got straight back on the horse and did the course again, this time much better and in a much better time too.

There was a little bit of snow overnight and it was a cold start to day 3, once out of the mountains and closer to the sea near Timaru it was much warmer. The long race at Paramanui was always going to be tough, but with a control not quite in the right place early on it didn’t do much for the moral… I got round alright once the control was found but obeying the rules meant that my route choices were a bit affected by the deer fences and I was well off the pace. Lucky for me I’m fairly tough and I managed to take out 3rd place as a bit of a consolation prize.

So two weeks until trials there is a bit of work to do on the confidence but banking on my Navigation and my fitness then I should be ok!

Categories: Orienteering

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