Rounding out the year

For a change these Christmas holidays are not the usual laid back, base training type of holidays. This time the World of Orienteering is on its way to the Southern Hemisphere, some of the big names are here already, some have just left but all are excited about coming to New Zealand. I have been following the training plan which is currently increase the intensity and reduce the volume, hard for me as it’s the ideal time of year to training long and hard! My Calf muscle seems to be healed and the body is feeling strong, so we will see how it goes!

So in a few days time (Next year!) I will head up North on possibly the shortest trip to a big international race I think I have ever traveled. I’m fairly restless and a bit wary of the training at the moment but now I’m on holiday the wariness and restlessness will subside. It will be pretty cool to be racing at home, probably the highlight of my career to date, and possibly in 10years time it could be of all time. Now its just a matter of hurry up and wait!

Beyond the orienteering, there is s a couple of running races that I’m looking at doing which is something else to think about also. I am looking to improve my running as well as my orienteering…. and I have my sights set on Avalanche Peak and that record 🙂

Categories: Orienteering, Running

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