WC R1&2 2013

Two races down and two less than satisfactory results. The middle distance started ok, I got into a good rhythm but it all fell apart through the middle and I reverted back to a pick and go style of orienteering which allowed me to loose control a bit. I also dropped two minutes right near the end which saw me cast out the back door down into 45th place (out of 64).

The sprint qualification I felt like I had a solid run, picked some good routes here and there and then some not so good ones. I dropped about 10-15 on one leg going around a building which would have probably seen me squeak through…but as it turns out my time was only good enough for 46th place (out of 64) 13 seconds off the qualification mark and about 5 places…. not thats its much consolation but a couple of scandi’s missed out too so it seemed a pretty tight spread in there.

So now the focus turns to the chasing start. Hopefully it will be my turn to shine. The terrain is more suitable to me and the physicality should play a little more in my favour anyway…we will have to wait until Sunday rolls around I guess!

Categories: Orienteering

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