Scottish-Czech Wedding

On the road/in the air again, to Nove Hamry in the Czech Republic to Robert and Jana’s wedding. I was the sole New Zealander able to make it as I was still in Europe and luckily it fell between a lull in races.

The Czech Republic is one of the few countries that now falls into the category of a place where I went to without going to a race, its also one of the few places I have travelled too where I knew absolutely nothing of the language. Then when I arrived at the wedding accommodation I realised I didn’t know anyone other than Robert and Jana. This for me, quite a shy person was a worrying prospect. However it wasn’t too long before other guests arrived, mainly from Scotland which could speak English. I was quickly identified by the other runner in the room and dragged out for a 6:30am run the next morning around the forest. This particular forest was used for the World Rogaine Champs 2012 and was a very nice forest to run through and a great start to the day.

The ceremony itself was held at Jana’s family cottage on the hillside in Rudine read out in both Czech and English and with both bagpipes and French horns. The wedding was celebrated with champange but as soon as the beer came out the Czechs came running! The afternoon included some eating, Rogaining and eating and drinking and then some Callaih dancing. As per Czech tradition the bride was ‘kidnapped” during the evening sometime and Robert sent on a mission to recover her and having to pay some ransom in the form of shots in exchange!


Robert and Jana get married

After a few hours sleep, Jethro was waiting outside the hotel again ready to do some running bright and early… I couldn’t let him down and made it there too for a run around while everyone was still sleeping. I decided it was such a great area for running I hung around for a few days to do some more training!


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