Full on Winter Training

Since I was hit by a car on my bike about 6 weeks ago, I’ve been back into the training full on for the Adventure Racing World Champs in Wyoming in August. There is a lot of Mountain biking in the race, so we have been out on the bikes quite a bit. Throw in with that a Rogaine with Aaron and Matt, and some packrafting to boot, its been a busy month. Here’s a bit of a quick run down on some of the activities…

Not long after Aaron committed to World Champs, he was keen for some kayak training. In an AR duo we cruised out into the harbour early morning to explore the heads. I got the honour of steering and conquered a few fears in the relatively mild swell… That afternoon, I was back out running around Mt Pleasant/Godley head area with Hilary.

Crazy evening in the clouds

The following day was again an early start, this time we were up to Oxford for a loop around Okuku Pass and Lees Valley. We picked the weather well and had a great day out in the Sunshine, a bit of a rarity for the weather that we had just endured.

Into Lees Valley

Next weekend there was time for a Mountain Bike/Paddle combo on the Saturday with Isla, followed by a big day out in the hills with Aaron and Matt. We managed to crank around the course in just under 5 hours, finishing about an hour early with all the points. Our prize was to go and help collect some controls, so with Aaron (and Tim for a little way) we went out and put our night nav skills to the test… well actually got to practise them a tiny bit as it was relatively easy.

Amuri Rogaine Result

Another Mountain Bike/Paddle combo was instore for the next weekend….with not many tracks dry enough we had to ride pretty much most of the way on the road.  Nick Hann arrived back from Estonia, just in time for a run on Sunday, followed by a late evening mission with Aaron in the pack raft around Quail Island! Quite a big weekend in the end.

Saturday in the Sun

Finally last weekend arrived, with just two weekends to go until we head away, there was a chance to get one big mission in…. and it had to wait until Sunday, Saturday was a complete washout with one of the biggest storms in recent memory causing a bit of flooding. Sunday, however the sun was shining, and after a few detours we got out to Diamond harbour for a big ride around the bays on the peninsula.  The bad weather kept the masses of Sunday drivers away so for most of the day we had the roads to ourselves. It was pretty cold however, so cold that we were hanging out on the downhills, just waiting for the uphills so we could generate some body heat!

Crusing around the peninsula

So 1 week to go before we head off. I think Ive reached maximum excitement levels for the moment… the packing will start and the stress levels will increase to a point where you just about forget to get excited but as soon as we get on that plan and the adventure begins it will be a huge relief!

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