Training in Tornado county

Fun fact of the day, Weld County in Colorado has the highest incidence of Tornados in the USA…. and that as it happens is where we ended up for some jet lag recovery, aclimatisation and pre-race training! 

While it was a quick few days in Colorado, it was pretty action packed with a good hit out on the bike near Loveland and then a good sized trek out the back of Boulder. I managed to take a bit of a tumble on my bike and have a few bruises… mainly to my ago unfortunately… all and all a good time with some good stories.

Looking out for rattlesnakes

Riding by the devils backbone

Hiking in Indian Petes wilderness area

Yesterday we drove up to Casper in our pickup truck and have had out first look around Wyoming! Bring on the next few days of resting, testing, packing and exploring before the big day rolls round in 5days time.

Loaded up

Leaving the American dream behind

Hooning around Casper

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